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ask for details if you want. Here is a list of pages a on 1-JAN-2004.
index.htm - Current web page
oldjch.htm - 1st web page
2ndjch.htm - 2nd web page
oct2k.htm - 3rd web page
page44.htm - 4th web page
boknotes.htm - notes from various books
bz_ocean.htm - Ocean Buzzwords
champgne.htm - Champagne
cscs.htm - Conceptual Spaces (book)
gen4cc.htm - Genealogy
momndad.htm - Mom & Dad
pinkerbs.htm - Pinker's Blank Slate (book)
resume.htm - Resume - to get last job
saycmh3.htm - Dad's sayings
saymbnh.htm - Granny's sayings
siblings.htm - Bros & Sisters
siggraph.htm - SIGGRAPH for me
swarmint.htm - Swarm Intelligence (book)
volurend.htm - Volume Rendering