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Trial First Parish Page

Picture of YON

This is my post-SIGGRAPH96 attempt at self definition (26-AUG-96). I am employed by Netscape. Here is my old web page from Oki. The seven facets of YON

A picture of Gail and me on our 13th wedding anniversary

These are ordered with the web surfer in mind - what is most interesting now:


[See also, VRML Timeline, VRML2 Cheat Sheet & "Author Toy"; Retired from VRB feb98]

VRML Review Board candidacy (successful)

I have been involved in VRML since the Chicago web conference (OCT94) when the first draft spec was announced. Reviewing, writing early sample code, testing content and organizing the first SIGGRAPH course in 1995. I am a member of the VAG - see below. I contributed to VRML 2.0, helping with the Elevation Grid, utf8, JavaScript, and other various and sundry things.

SIGGRAPH 95 notes for VRML: Surfing the Web in 3D

VAG - VRML Arhitecture Group

Check out vag.vrml.org

VRML 1.0 model

Forrester Forrester designed the VRML model of the First Parish of Subury, Unitarian Universalist.

August 1995 VRML Architecture Group Photo

north.jpg 50K

Tony, YON, Mark, Jon, Gavin, Bill, Tom, Brian, Mitra, Rikk

south.jpg 100K

Rikk, Bill, Gavin, Brian, YON, Mitra, Jon, Tom, Mark, Tony

sigh, I hate saying underconstruction, but, I gotta. I guess I am not fully self defined right now :-( :-). In my first webpage, I described 7 facets of myself: religion, 3D, work, art, quotes, etc. firstPage.

7 virtues

revised August 1996

August, merge diversity & connectedness into generalness and added emotional maturity. In the original virtue list of September 1995, I had included honesty (implicit in authenticity), thriftiness (implicit in resourcefulness)

I had thought of adding 7 commandments: Know & be true to thyself, recycle self, be considerate to others, if you are going to do it, do it right, 5) learn, 6) teach, 7) enmesh yourself in the web, but, the virtues seem to say the same thing. What do you think? jch

Bodysurfing has a few hazards. Here are some ocean buzzwords.

GEEK - Graphical Engineer of Experience and Knowledge.

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