Sayings of Margaret Baxter Nichols Hardenbergh

Born 1882, died 23-FEB-1978, two months before her son: Collis Morgan Hardenbergh , born 20-V-1912, died 23-IV-1978. Collis's sayings

Granny: If we had some mush, we could have some milk and mush, if we had some milk.
With enough ifs, you could put Paris in a bottle.
Quaker midnight.
Eat a big breakfast, walk a mile every day and eat plenty of candy.
ACH's version: "Eat a big breakfast. Walk Everywhere. And eat lots of candy"
I am like the sun dial -- I count none but the sunny hours.
I'm at home and wish you were the same.
"Pay no attention to me. I'm just an (little?) old lady from the woods."
"Margrit, I'll give you a nickel if you'll say 'spoon'."
"James G. Blaine from the State of Maine"
"Come to my arms, my beamish boy!"
"Run along and sell your papers."
"Use it up, wear it out, make it do, do without." (Granny's, not C3's)
"I am at home. I wish you were the same."
"Not everything worth doing is worth doing well." (See Gramps below)
"If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" -- maybe more Collis??
"Do something for the day; something for the season and something for the decade"

All the sayings from the bridge game. (A one act play by Nancy Chalmers Hardenbergh)

MLH sez: Not a saying, but how she would sit down at her desk every morning after breakfast and write letters. Keep up with her correspondence.

16NOV'02 ACH
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If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well.


Keep gigs of bits, but only the most precious of atoms. -jch 2003
When in doubt, be useful -jch 2003, ? or earlier

more from granny…

Subject: granny's rhyme
From: "drockenbaugh" 
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 12:32:45 -0500
To: maisie, terry, sheppy, reid, nicky, marylee, kelsey, 
    YON, chalmers, andrew,katrina, david, brock, Megan

Dear All:
  A treasure that Moira gave me on my trip to CA earlier this month  is a PC
from Granny to Larry postmarked May 1960 with her version of a ditty to
remember the rulers of England.  I remember her chanting this some 8 or 9
years later and have struggled since to recall it, so it is great fun to
have an original copy. ( But as Maisie says, where now to file it so it
doesn't get lost/forgotten).  Thought you might enjoy it.

William the Norman then William his son
Henry, Stephen, Henry, Richard and John
Then Henry the Third, Edwards 1, 2, and 3,
 and again, after Richard, 3 Henrys we see.
Two Edwards, 3rd Richard, if rightly I guess,
Two Henrys, 6th Edward, Queen Mary, Queen Bess.
Then Jamie the Scotsman & Charles whom they slew
But received after Cromwell, another Charles too.
After Jamie the Second ascended the throne
Good William and Mary together came on.
Then Anne, Georges four, and 4th William all past,
God gave us Queen Vic, may her fame ever last.
And after Victoria's long reign was done
We see Edward 7th and George fifth his son,
and Edward the 8th who gave up his crown
to his brother King George, and this brings us down
to Elizabeth Second, our sovereign today,
Many more years on the throne may she stay.

In a aside to Larry she also wrote: "Thanks for postal and letter.  I think
the last Nichols who lived in Brattle St. was son of the "Salem Sea Captain"
Geo. N. and left only Whites: a Geo. White wd. be about your age, a 3rd
Love to all -
Deborah - additions to jch - June 2003