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* Seven Facets of YON

Work, Art, Religion, 3D Graphics, Books, the Web and Quotes.

I grew up in Minnesota and went to Blake. I knew the Web was going to be BIG when my high school got on. I went on to Brandeis for a degree in Computer Science, just before it became popular.

* Work

Work has always been a big part of my life. I've been at Oki-OAPD for a while now, if you skip a brief sojourn. I do a fair number of odd jobs -getting our server going (Aug-94), demos for our TRIANGL graphics card, preparing a SIGGRAPH 95 course on VRML, and updating the VRML FAQ in my spare time.

I have a decent amount of expertise in 3D graphics which I will go into more later.

You can find out about Oki Advanced Products Division.

[waves] Art

I used to do some art before I got into graphics. These are some silkscreens from my college days that I scanned in and cleaned up in the summer of 1994. Click on these to see the actual size images. The small versions are all on this page.

Sister seen below at the Web. This is my sister.

Mount Washington as seen from Intervale with some snow fields and fog.

Diving a Wave is cut from a photo of my Dad diving a wave. This is Tiamat and bodysurfing is one of my favorite activities. My favorite spot is Quiogue, which is a suburb of Quogue on Long Island, NY.US. Of course, you need a good storm to get waves there.

Infinite Curtain


Sunrise at the beach.


[woman] the Web

Seven of my favorite surf sites as off 25-JUL-95.

Webcrawler Searching is my most common starting point. I also like the Web Virtual Library and certainly newbies should see Yahoo.

Principia Cybernetica caught my attention and I added it in JAN-95. It is a wonderful place to spend time. We are talking about BIG ideas - philosophy & complexity...

Out of Control by Kevin Kelly. Give up the illusion of control, grab a bigger rudder. Help steer us towards a secure and respectful future.

DNA Computers were written up in Wired in the August 95 issue. This could radically change the nature of computing.

Computer Graphics is a rich source of CG related organizations.

Country Pointers are a very cool way to get people hooked on the Web.

The Creative Internet is a fun place to start with many pointers off to the Web.

YON's Home Page at jch.com is where some of the nonwork stuff should go.


[UU chalice]The chalice of Unitarian Universalism

I've always wondered about why we were here. Lately, it's been even more intense. I think I might be going through my mid-life crisis early. What is right and wrong? I've been reading some books.

I'm very happy calling myself a UU (Unitartian Universalist) and a garden variety pagan. God is an umbrella organization, a universal force field - "use the force, Luke." This fits in to the "do it yourself" nature of UUism. UUs stretch from the very Christian to the very pagan and often come from more dogmatic religions. I really like the UUA Principles & Purposes, they work for me as a foundation for moral behavior. A new 6th "source" was added to recognized earth based religions and rhythms of nature was recently added.

I've always found meaning by swimming in the ocean. My favorite deity is Tiamat, a primordial salt water goddess in Babylonian myth. My 1995 pantheon is Gaia, Sky, Sun, Moon, Tiamat, Mountain and life force.

I've been teaching Sunday School for about five years.

[more art] Books, Music, etc...

The coolest book right now is definitely Out of Control by Kevin Kelly. Everyone should read this. It covers engineering in biological systems, biology in engineering systems, chaos, complexity, evolution, artificial life, ecash, the Net, EVERYTHING!!!

My favorite book of all time is still the Lord of the Rings. That was the first book I read that really made me think books were worth while. I love all Ursula LeGuin books and for junk, I love Dick Francis!

My father had about 10 large dictionaries. He could find one that made hime right no matter how outrageous his definitions were. I love reference books, too. I think it will be a while before I stop buying them because the web has surpassed them.

1994 was a good reading year for me. I read Lawrence Kohlberg, Carol Gilligan's In a Different Voice, Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching, Ben Franklin's the Art of Virtue, The Celestine Prophecy, Care of the Soul, Raising Ethical Children, Chemistry of Conscious States, Stephen Covey (or 7 habits fame) First Things First and Out of Control. Not my slides presenting Covey-like stuff.

1995 reading was designed to catch up on cyberpunk so I could get a better feel for VRML. Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash & Diamond Age and of course William Gibson's Neuromancer and Vernor Vinge's True Names.

I read Getting to Yes (biz classic) and Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman, both of which I highly recommend - there are reviews on the web, too.

As for Music, the Beatles are still the best. Currently [SEP-95] I'm addicted to Alanis Morissette. Other recent faves are Portis Head, 10,000 Maniacs, the Indigo Girls, Annie Lennox, Aimee Mann and the Stones

[artsy sunset] 3D Graphics

I've been doing 3D graphics since I got out of Brandeis U in 1980. First on the interactive/application side, then on the rendering side. I worked on homegrown systems, then on PHIGS, then on PEX. I was heavily involved in PEX - as a PEX architect for PEX version 4.0 and 5.1. I wrote book "Building Applications with PEXlib" (Prentice Hall 1994). You can see the cover artwork. I also created PEXIM - a proposal for a new API to PEX. It was useful. I also wrote a paper on the Integration of PHIGS and UIMS. I think that was useful, too.

OpenGL is on Nt 3.5. That is a big market. Marketing and politics are more important than technology in determining what is coming. While I may enjoy arguing PEX vs. OpenGL for old time's sake, the failure to push PEX aggresively into the PC space has doomed it. Meanwhile, Microsoft bought RenderMorphics, creators of Reality Lab, or RL. Rumor has it they are not stopping there. Other nimble 3D APIs like RenderWare and Argonaut's BRender are gaining a big foothold.

OpenInventor is really cool! Object Oriented 3D graphics.

VRML - Virtual Reality Modeling Language is even cooler!!! The web gets 3D. It is so cool I am doing a course at SIGGRAPH 95

[abstract]7 Quotes jch 27-AUG-94

Inscription at the oracle of Delphi (500B.C.)

Know Thyself
Albert Einstein 1879-1955
Imagination is more important than knowledge
Charles Kingsley 1819-1875
We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about.
W.H.Murray b.? - d.?
Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.
Winston Churchhill 1874-1965
My wants are very simple, I only want the best.
Heraclitus 540-480B.C.
All is flux, nothing stays still.
J.R.R. Tolkein (thru Faramir) 1892-1973
The praise of the praiseworthy is beyond all reward.


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