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1928 Nobscot Panorama

This is the border of the 1928 map (below) of the Nobscot Boy Scout reservation. It was created by Henry F. Bryant and Sons, engineers, Brookline Mass. I believe the tallest buildings in Boston are the Customs Tower and the old Hancock building with the weather lights on it.

Full Res
View to the East.

Full Res
View to the West.

Full Res
View to the North.

Full Res
View to the South.

Juxtaposition of the 1928 hand drawn panorama inset into the 2008 panorama with a few more annotations.

1928 map of Nobscot Reservation
1928 map (Hi-Res)

East: nobpane1.jpg, nobpane2.jpg, nobpane3.jpg, nobpane4.jpg, nobpane5.jpg, nobpane6.jpg,
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West: nobpanw1.jpg, nobpanw2.jpg, nobpanw3.jpg, nobpanw4.jpg, nobpanw5.jpg, nobpanw6.jpg,
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