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Nobscot Panorama 2008 and views of Nobscot

Panorama from Nobscot Hill on the border of Sudbury and Framingham. It sometimes referred to as Nobscot Mountain.

This is take from the fire tower. It is open to the intrepid when it is in use, at the discretion of the ranger. On this cool and windy fall day, it was not open. So, I settled for taking it from the steps. Problem #1 is that there is a ton of scaffolding. You can see it in the original pictures below of the view to Boston and the view to Sudbury. I had to take many pictures from a few different places to get all fo the pixels unobsctructed - which I failed to do, so, there are some replicated pixels here and there. The second problem is the wind on the tower was causing a little vibration, so, some of the pictures of the panorama are not in focus (it could not have been an unsteady hand, no way!). Third, the clouds were moving, so, different pictures have different amount of cloud cover and the exposure was changing.

Given the raw material I had, my first priority was to make the horizon as "geometrically" accurate as possible. I did this inspite of incurring more time hacking the color blends together. The second priority was to grab the best pixels of the interesting features in the "foreground" (and keep them in the right place!). After that, I worked on the blends until they were below a certain tolerance of visual distraction.

Nobscot Panorama
Click on the image to get the 2.1MB 10000x866 version, or here for the Hi-Res 21907x1897 version.

Juxtaposition of a 1928 hand drawn panorama inset into the 2008 panorama with a few more annotations.

More Panoramas

image orgBoston.jpg
Original Boston Skyline image (scaled) zoom
Boston Skyline to left and Sudbury to right.

Note the tower structure!

image orgSudbury.jpg
Original Sudbury image (scaled down)

Views of Nobscot

Nobscot Panorama
Panorama with zoom from FPS in 2023. Note Tippling Rock, white face just below and to the right of the last tower on the right. (click on image to get full image)
image nvFirstParish.jpg
Classic view of Nobscot from First Parish of Sudbury

What's the Best view of Nobscot?

image nvFirstParish.jpg
Just uphill from Tippling Rock
image nvKarenCynthia.jpg
Intersection of Karen and Cynthia
image nvOldFraminghamRd.jpg
Old Framingham Road
image nvCarterDrive.jpg
End of Carter Drive

Nobscot Village

Check out the pepper cheese from Nobscot Artisan Cheese! More about Nobscot Village, which is referred to as New Boston in the 1894 USGS map and the 1871 Massachusetts Atlas

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