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Pictures from the microwave tower and Tippling Rock

The Town of Sudbury posted 2 news items about replacing a tower on Nobscot, which has a few towers, including the fire tower. Eversource To Replace Tower (cached) and Eversource to transport House (cached) I have been including the site in my wanderings and in April, I got lucky as there was an opening in the fence, and hence an invite to climb the microwave tower. It is a point to point communications tower, so, it does not need to be tall enough to broadcast, just tall enough to have a clear view of any towers it links to. I think Prospect Hill in Waltham is one. In theory, they stretch down to the City. Here are two shots of the contruction site.
image MicrowaveTower.jpg
Microwave Tower.jpg
image NewTower.jpg
New Tower on the right
I only had my phone and it was cloudy, but, I took a few pictures anyway. You can see the great meadows, behind the pine tree. And a good view of First Parish and a very nice view of Boston. I resolve to come back with my real camera the first clear sunrise...
image BostonSkylineFMT.jpg
BostonSkylineFMT.jpg - 3841x1927
image FirstParish.jpg
FirstParish.jpg - 1800x1100
image GreatMeadows.jpg
GreatMeadows.jpg - 2975x1751
I returned 2 days later, the first clear morning at 5:30AM!, only to find the fence had been closed up!!!

So, I hightailed it to Tippling Rock and go a nice consolation prize! The two images below are nearly idenitcal, but, you can see the waves of mist rollig along.

image TipplingRock20200429b.jpg
Tippling Rock waves 1
image TipplingRock20200429c.jpg
Tippling Rock waves 2
image PathHome.jpg
Path Home
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