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seasons animated gif

Seasons 2003

An animation that has been brewing for a while. QuickTime Version. I have a 337MB version that fits on a CD if you are really interested. Here is the previous Seasons page (2001). Here are a few shots. To the right is the opening sequence.
image frame0039.jpg
Title: Seasons
image frame0251.jpg
YinYang unrolling
image frame0394.jpg

The combined poems: forsythia, day lilies, maple.

As recorded in the Seasons 2003 animation.

a simple and beauteous thing
one true sentinel of spring
forsythia gold, light or bright yellow
and some with a tinge of orange gone mellow
rise and be risen fore the green grows
push open the season now and thru time

image frame0640.jpg
some abstract day lilies
bunched and forthright everywhere
stretching to the sunís hot glare
day lilies rich and orange, even reddish
with stems that arc and crowns soon perish
yet day after day come blossoms robustly
CARPE DIEM now flourish the warmth

maple's majestic red
drops orange yellow leaves into bed
Autumn's foliage shows season's repeat
Persephone now signals her Winter retreat
crunch quick thru crispy leaves
gather the harvest and batten the seeds

image frame1025.jpg
sun behind maple
image frame1098.jpg
setting sun
The frames made with very rudimentary OpenGL. I should post the source code at some point, just because it is useful. Some of them were processed with Python & PIL. They were encoded into MPEG1 using mjpegtools.

I will probably get remake it in a another couple of years - wide screen with better detail & winter, or on to the 3D version? Whither then? I cannot say.

Words and Images by me, YON - Jan C. Hardenbergh 31-DEC-2003.
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