The Seasons thru Colors



   a simple and beauteous thing
   one true sentinel of spring
   forsythia gold, light or bright yellow
   and some with a tinge of orange gone mellow
   rise and be risen fore the green grows
   push open the season now and thru time

   23-APR-01 (+3 days)

Day Lily

   Bunched and forthright everywhere
   stretching to the sunís hot glare
   day lilies rich and orange  and even reddish
   with stems that arc and crowns soon perish
   yet day after day come  blossoms robustly
   CARPE DIEM now flourish the warmth




   Adorning Majestic Red
   strong orange bright yellow red
   Autumn's foliage brought by the season's repeat
   Persephone now signals her Winter retreat
   crunch quick thru crispy leaves
   gather the harvest and batten the seeds

   30-OCT-2002 reworded Maple.

image draft1.jpg

This is the first draft of what I would like to make into an animation loop.

Words and Images by me, YON - Jan C. Hardenbergh - pagified 18-NOV-01; revised Maple 2002.

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