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Vagus Nerve

Porges's slide
Neuroception -

3 states:

Deb Dana's slides from IFS COnference 2014 1) Parasympathetic
Ventral Vagal
Nucleus Ambiguus

2) Sympathetic - Mobilize Danger

3) Parasympathetic Dorsal Vagal Response - Immobilize, Life Threat Dorsal Motor Nucleus

Forget Survival of the Fittest: It Is Kindness That Counts ... Neuroception: A subconscious system for detecting threat and safety

Porges's slide from YouTube (2012):

[Environment - outside body/inside body] [Nervous System - Neuroception]

1) Safety Spontaneously engages others eye contact, facial expression, prosody, supports visceral homeostatis

2) Danger Defensive Strategies fight/flight behaviors (mobilization)

3) Life threat Defensive strategies death feigning/shutdown (immobilization)


recruit older systems when we are in danger.

Compassion incompatible with judgmental and defensive behaviors that recruit phylogenetically older neural circuits regulating the ANS

meditation, listening, chant, posture and breath on fostering mental states - regulate ANS

If you can recruit the mylenated vagus to move from reptile to mammal.

Portals regulate Autonomic State (we can calm down) Cognitive State

Face-Heart connection - relaxing face muscles can relax heart Voice - heart connection recurrent laryngeal nerve vibrates and feed into mylenated vagus. Listening - heart connection - (music soothes the savage beast) Breath - heart connection - pranayama - during exhale myvag has greater influence on our viscera Posture - heart connection (dance, yoga)

The ANS is not just peripheral - it ties into the cortex via brain stem

Defense turns off mammalian face-heart connection

"dyad" the other. proximal.

human interaction == "positive" social behavior

Portals regulate Autonomic State (we can calm down) Cognitive State Emotional State Psychological State
Grace Under Pressure

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