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Sensory Integration

aka, The Binding Problem

How do we integrate ( bind ) color and sound into a single moving object? These fully formed objects surf into our mind’s eye on waves of synchronized signals twixt transient coalitions of networked functional areas.

This diagram shows many interconnections between the pathways involved. The green pathways represent vision. Starting with the retina at the bottom, the optic nerve connects to LGN; the optic radiation is bidirectional between LGN and V1 and then cortico-cortical projections between regions. Red paths are auditory nerves. The many color pathways represent the myriad of connections that give rise to consciousness.

A few of the connected regions
that integrate vision and sound.

Cortical Functional Areas (8/100+)
V1 - Primary Visual Cortex
V2 - Visual Area 2
BA41 - Auditory Cortex
BA42 - Brodmann Area 42
STS - Superior Temporal Sulcus
V4 - Color Processing
MT - Motion Processing
IT - Object Processing

Thalamic Nuclei (2/13)
LGN - Thalamic Relay
MGN - Thalamic Relay

SC - Superior Colliculus

Sensory, aka, Primary, aka, Phenomenal Consciousness

Exteroception (outside),
Interoception (Vagus Nerve),
Affective Consciousness (emotions)

Self Awareness, Access, or Reflective Consciousness

Our conscious minds are but Riders on Elephants. In the heat of the moment, our will power is not a match for our internal desires. We can train our elephants to act more in accordance with our will.

More GEEK art

CorticoThalamic Animation
Multiple Retinotopic Maps of the Visual Field


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