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Thursday: Swam Mike from New Jersey and then lunch with his son, too.
Friday: Got 3 great, big waves this morning. Alarm at 6:10AM.
Back at 10 for a marathon discussion with Bernard on everything.
One wave this afternoon, but good workout maintains position in current. Christy ordered pizza.
Saturday: Woke at 5:40. Hopped up. Off to Starbucks. Egg, Sausage & Cheese & Chocolate Croissant.
heat 7 at 7:45. The waves were good sized - 4-6 feet. I did well. I coaufgt at least 3 big waves.
Since I do not do tricks, getting a score of 33 was probably pretty good. I got 4th place.
I needed 38 points to be 3rd and advance. I did OK. Not as well at WBC 2002 when I advanced.
500 total competitors.
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