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Something I love to do more than just about anything else.

Every summer I went to Long Island and played in the ocean. When I was about 11 my mom bought me some Corda flippers. I loved those until I lost one a few years later. Anyway, sometime in 1997 I started to think about entering the Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic. I went to the World Bodysurfing Championships in 2002, Pipeline Classic in 2004, Las Escolleras in 2009 and NSLG Pipeline 2011. Then back to WBC in 2018.

Classif Family Ocean
This is our classic family Ocean shot.
Calm Wave in Quogue
decent waves out at the sandbar. Also Another Picture
where is image
A great ride on a small wave. 800 wide, 2400 wide!
Andrew and Me in Quogue
Andrew & me in the early 80's.

The story of my canaloplasty.
Wedge visit 2003
Ponquogue Beach, Labor Day 2006 - Hurricane Ernesto

Why a holding period is important for bodysurfing contests.

Shout out to Bali's Balian Traveling (facebbok) + website

image apples2as.jpg
Manta Bodysurf Club: Aloha Yon, yes put it on,
A. Parraga from Argentina is the designer of this image
image apples2as.jpg

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