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Las Escolleras, Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo, April 2009

See Torneo Internacional de Bodysurf Las Escolleras, April 2009 <> Contest Page!

On the beach of Ixtapa, at the end is Las Escolleras, which translates as "breakwater". (fonetic: Lahss Ess KOH yer ahss ( ll -> y ). Lat: 17°39'48 N, Long: 101°37'9 W.
Zihuatanejo is an ancient fishing village with a great natural harbor and a lot of great restaurants. Ixtapa was created as a tourist destination in the 1970s

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2009.04.24, precontest photos from Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo (Z-hwa-teh-nay-oh) image LasEscollerasPan2400.jpg
Panorama of Ixtapa and Las Escolleras. Raul, with blue fins is talking to a photographer. (higher-res 6K x 1K)

Follow this link to a whole bunch of Jerry Caldwell's Pictures, Las Escolleras 2009. The next three are by Jerry: 10 American contestants, not pictured are Dulci, Elaine and Danny(?). And two shots of yours truly. More contest photos. Tim Hankins's Flickr Album, Bruce Robbin's Shutterfly Album, others?

image diezAmericanos.jpg
Front: Brandon Baer, Mark Ghattas,
Mark Johnson, Richie Caldwell.
Back: Jan Hardenbergh, Tim Hankins,
Jerry Caldwell, Bill Viergever,
Bruce Robbins, Mike O'Neill
image jchLasEscolleras09.jpg
When the contest started on Saturday morning,
there were still some good sized waves coming in.
image jchLasEscolleras1.jpg
Down to the bottom of a good sized wave.
image LasEscollerasZoom.jpg
Las Escolleras == breakwaters
image spray2.jpg
The spray on Thursday was half as high
as it was on Wednesday!!!
image swellMapThurs11pm.jpg
Swell Map for Thursday 11pm (past peak)

art. ART!

I LOVE Wave Models!!! Links to NOAA East Coast, for Ixtapa, Look at 3 models. I use the NOAA model when I am on Vacation in Long Island to plan when to budget more beach time.

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I'd like a cool Polo shirt... but what sort of art?

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