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Organizer Raul Monroy answers questions on the Yahoo Bodysurfing Group list.

Torneo Internacional de Bodysurf Las Escolleras, 2009

This my own personal take on the bodysurfing contest, which was interspersed with a bodyboarding and surfing competition. I'd be happy to add other observations.
Rick Caldwell in the Tube On the beach of Ixtapa, at the end is Las Escolleras, which translates as "breakwater". (fonetic: Lahss Ess KOH yer ahss ( ll -> y ). Lat: 17°39'48 N, Long: 101°37'9 W. For the past 3 years, Raul Monroy has organized Torneo Internacional de Bodysurf Las Escolleras, April 25 & 26, 2009 - see poster at bottom of page.

In the bodysurfing contest, 10 heats of 4 each started Saturday morning, going down to 5 heats on Saturday afternoon. Sunday morning there were four quarter final heats, followed by bodyboarding semi-finals, then bodysurfing semi-finals. See the heatsheet.pdf. The finals took place around 2PM on Sunday. By then, the waves had died down quite a bit. Saturday morning there were still some waves coming in.

All pictures are Jerry Caldwell's pictures, unless noted as (jch) for me or (th) for Tim Hankins. See more of Jerry Caldwell's Pictures, Las Escolleras 2009. To the right is Rich, Jerry's son. Full Image

I first learned of this contest on the Bodysurfing Group as did nine other American contestants, several of whom had come perviously. Here are a few pictures of us Americans and Raul. Left and middle on Friday night, right Sunday morning.

image registrationParty.jpg
Front: Mark Johnson, Tim Hankins, Raul Monroy,
Richie Caldwell, Bill Viergever.
Back: Mike O'Neill, Jerry Caldwell,
Jan Hardenbergh, Bruce Robbins
image speakingForGringos.jpg
Bruce Robbins speaking "for all of the Gringos" on Friday night before
the contest.
image diezAmericanos.jpg
Front: Brandon Baer, Mark Ghattas,
Mark Johnson, Richie Caldwell.
Back: Jan Hardenbergh, Tim Hankins,
Jerry Caldwell, Bill Viergever,
Bruce Robbins, Mike O'Neill


The contest was held at Las Escolleras, which a breakwater protecting the marina in Ixtapa. The mix of islands off shore, currents coming down the beach and the marina channel means there can be some wild currents that will last for 5 minutes or more. Given that a heat is 15 minutes, if one of these currents hits while you are out there, it adds a bit of a challenge.
Las Escolleras means "breakwater"
image blurry.jpg
Good sized waves coming Thursday morning (jch)
image spray2.jpg
This spray hitting the breakwater on Thursday
was minor compared to Wednesday when
the spray would cover the whole end of
the breakwater and going higher than
the pole. (jch)
image swellMapThurs11pm.jpg
The swell peaked Wednesday evening
and slowly died down thru the contest

image LasEscolleras09Contest.jpg
Panorama taken during the Bodysurfing Contest at Las Escolleras. The green flag is up, but the waves were down Sunday afternoon. (jch) (higher-res 10K x 1K)

A few more action shots. Jerry took the most pictures of Rich in the water and lots of his old friend Mark and a few of me since I begged him to. Sort of chronologically, Mark, me & Rich.

image JudgesSatAM.jpg
Judges tent early on Saturday
image MarkJohnson.jpg
Mark Johnson nice take-off in round 1
image jchLasEscolleras09.jpg
YON in round 1
image ExPats.jpg
Ex Pats
image RichCaldwell.jpg
Rich Caldwell in round 1
image mainTent.jpg
Waves, shade, beer & pizza!
image BruceRichQuarter.jpg
Bruce and Rich in the Quarter finals
image FatherAndSon.jpg
Father And Son
image RaulAndMom.jpg
Raul and his Mom
image finalHeat.jpg
First Place 2009: Carlos Rios (white),
2nd: Mark Ghattas, 3rd: Raul Monroy,
4th: Richard Caldwell (red)
image RichAndMark.jpg
Rich and Mark (USA! USA! :-)
image MarkGhattas.jpg
Mark Ghattas gets ready (th)
image prizes.jpg
The prizes were made by Raul's sister.
image awards.jpg
Carlos, Raul & Rich getting prizes. Mark had to run.
image RichOnTV.jpg
Rich ON the Tube (see In the Tube above)
image SundayDinner.jpg
Sunday Dinner (th) - Mike, Brandon
Elaine Robins, Bruce, Bill
YON, Mark J, Tim
image LomaBonita.jpg
Beautiful hill top bar with full 360 view! (th)
image jchLasEscolleras1.jpg
YON in round 1, again (end of ride)

Las Escolleras Poster
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