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New Map To Be - 20090627

I am working on a new verion of the map and would love feedback. Especially, do you download things into a GPS and follow them? What is the good and bad of that experience? Load this TipplingRockHiking20090627.GPX into a GPS or GoogleEarth. This may not be easy because .GPX seems to be a new dialect of XML. It should like like the image on the right. Also, same tracks and waypoints in a KMZ file.

The map to the right is a Tippling Rock Inner Loop. Wider Rough map20090919.jpg

The map to the left is a tiny version of my 2001 map. Click on small image to get larger image.

The prototype is pasted together from an NEOC map, a USGS map, with information taken from the Sudbury Conservation Commission maps and last but not least, a reasonably thorough exploration.

To see the larger version (604KB) you can also click on the small map. For a few more bytes (1.6MB) here is TipplingRock.pdf.

Trail News: Lots of Great Work ! ! !

Ranger Adam cleared the panorama in November of 2008. The panorama above, I had to take in 4 different panoramas and merge them. Cuts to the West and North West were also made. And now this spring (2009), STEPS!!!
image steps.jpg
image WachCut.jpg
To the west stands Mt. Wachussett,
clear as a bell in it new cut!
image MonadCut.jpg
New cut to Mt. Monadnock

Max, 3 feet tall, standing next to The Rock.

Nobscot Reservation

Tippling Rock is in the Boy Scouts Nobscot Reservation. If you are on Tippling Rock or on the paths between the two Sudbury conservation parcels, you are their guest. For more information contact the Knox Trail Council of the Boy Scouts of America. http://www.ktc-bsa.org/. Parking is available - unless there are Boy Scout activities.

There are two other places to park on Sudbury Conservation land.
1) Parking for the Tippling Rock Trail Head is off of Route 20 at 641 Boston Post Road, about a quarter mile west of Shaws's Plaza.
2) Parking for the Nobscot Conservation land is on Brimstone lane. It is a little less than a mile from Brimstone to Tippling Rock. At a BRISK pace, you can make it in about 35 minutes. From Rte 20, it is shorter, but, it is seriously vertical. I have not timed it exactly, but, at a BRISK pace, it might be less than 20 minutes. There are also numerous trails which start on private property. As long as you are not parking and are discrete, passing by is usually not a problem.

Related links:

Sudbury Valley Trustees - http://www.sudburyvalleytrustees.org/ - Preserving habitats in the Sudbury, Assabet, and Concord river valleys. SVT is now the steward for Tippling Rock.

Bay Circuit Trail - http://www.baycircuit.org/ This is a trail that circles Boston. Check it out! They have a nice page on Tippling Rock and Nobscot as one of the "jewels" along the trail. I can attest to there claim that in the late summer, people are occasionally allowed up in the fire tower on Nobscot, although, it was quite a few years ago when I did it.

The town of Sudbury Conservation Lands includes two parcels near Tippling Rock that provide parking and lots of land to get started. These are the Nobscot and Weisblatt conservation parcels. The town website has maps that you can download.

The New England Orienteering Club (NEOC) http://www.newenglandorienteering.org/ has events in the Nobscot reservation a couple of times each year. They have great maps.

There are two geocache spots on Nobscot. Tippling Rock is in the USGS Geographic Names Information System as a summit.

Nobscot Reservation - Tippling Rock & Fords Folly from www.localhikes.com.

Blue Hills Panorama

Bay Circuit Map from 1930
lists Nobscot Hill and the Wayside Inn. It also lists Nobscot Reservation as a point of Ornithological Interest.

image steps.jpg

Allan Jung's November 2008 article in the Daily News Trubune. Wide ranging article includes Ford's Folly, Nupsee Pond and Nobscot summit.

It has Great Pictures by Allan Jung!!! To the right is First Parish from Tippling Rock.

Scouting around MetroWest's Nobscot Reservation

Why is it called Tippling Rock?

See Main Page.


Sudbury joins SVT and Boy Scouts to preserve Nobscot!

They announced a joint campaign to permanently conserve 300 acres including Tippling Rock and the surrounding area!!! See the announcement on the Sudbury Town Website.

At the left is a very cool map that is linked to from the Town announcement - at the bottom of the page. It is PDF, so, you can zoom way in. Tippling Rock is in Phase 1. I have cached this as SVTNobscotPhase1_2.pdf.

Other Maps

I do not have copyright for the NEOC and Boy Scout Maps, so, I made small versions of them to let you know they exist, but, you need to get real copies from them. There are usually Scout mpas available from white lodge.
image WachCut.jpg
Town of Sudbury, Nobscot Conservation Land
image MonadCut.jpg
The New England Orienteering Club (NEOC)

Knox Trail Council of the Boy Scouts.
image steps.jpg
Weisblatt Conservation Land Map
1928 map of Nobscot Reservation
1928 Map of Nobscot Reservation

Bay Circuit Trail

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