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Sudbury Population and 1940_Census

A few datapoints about Sudbury population, past and future. In 1940, there were 490 households with 3.59 people per house. In 2020, it was 6202 households with 2.97 people in each.

Sudbury 2020 in US Census and Sudbury in Census Reporter
image SudburyPopulation_1765_2020.png
Sudbury Population 1765 - 2020
image Population2040massRTP.png
Population in 2040 from Mass DoT

The MAPC Projections found in 190405_SudburyMP_BLR_CommunityProfile.docx shows the population dropping to 17,131 in 2020 and 17,153 in 2030. The Mass DoT projections are quite different: 18,599 (2020), 19,373 (2030), 20,183 (2040).

Sudbury 2018 census was 18,173 - from the Town website. It was mailed to 6583 households. After going through the pages of the 1940 US census pages, I came up with 490 households in 1940 and a population 1753. More on 1940 census below.


Sudbury in 1940 census

In the 1940 census, there were approximately 490 households and 1758 people. This is based on counting households & people in the 1940 census images for the two " enumeration district" (9-497,9-496) in the 1940 U.S. census. My worksheet.

The searching and indexing of the 1940 census data is not a priority of the U.S. government, evidently. Perhaps to give various geneology sites an advantage? Link thru to census map. I found this useful: Unified Census ED Finder.

image Sudbury_US_census_map_1940x3200.jpg
Sudbury US census map 1940 h-res
image m-t0627-01617-00736.jpg
m-t0627-01617-00736.jpg - 7444x5484
image m-t0627-01617-00785.jpg
m-t0627-01617-00785.jpg - 7348x5500

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