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Sudbury Population and 1940_Census

A few datapoints about Sudbury population, past and future.

Sudbury 2018 census was 18,173 - from the Town website. It was mailed to 6583 households. After going through the pages of the 1940 US census pages, I came up with 490 households in 1940 and a population 1753. More on 1940 census below.

Sudbury in Census Reporter
image SudburyPopulation_1765_2010.png
Sudbury Population 1765 2010
image Population2040massRTP.png
Population in 2040 from Mass DoT

The MAPC Projections found in 190405_SudburyMP_BLR_CommunityProfile.docx shows the population dropping to 17,131 in 2020 and 17,153 in 2030. The Mass DoT projections are quite different: 18,599 (2020), 19,373 (2030), 20,183 (2040).


Sudbury in 1940 census

In the 1940 census, there were approximately 490 households and 1758 people. This is based on counting households & people in the 1940 census images for the two " enumeration district" (9-497,9-496) in the 1940 U.S. census. My worksheet.

The searching and indexing of the 1940 census data is not a priority of the U.S. government, evidently. Perhaps to give various geneology sites an advantage? Link thru to census map. I found this useful: Unified Census ED Finder.

image Sudbury_US_census_map_1940x3200.jpg
Sudbury US census map 1940 h-res
image m-t0627-01617-00736.jpg
m-t0627-01617-00736.jpg - 7444x5484
image m-t0627-01617-00785.jpg
m-t0627-01617-00785.jpg - 7348x5500

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