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More Sudbury Maps

image ThenAndNow1939.jpg
Then And Now 1939
Scanned at Goodnow Library
image NoneSuch1687Map.jpg
NoneSuch Pond 1687 (hi-res)
Originally on Sudbury/Dedham border
Now on Weston/Natick border! More Info:
image Sudbury1956Dods.jpg
Cap: Sudbury1956Dods.jpg (hi-res)
Scanned at Goodnow Library
image OpenSpace1970.jpg
Open Space Map 1970 (key)
Another map I got from Bearly Read Books
1978 (poor copy)

image OpenSpace2012MapOnline.jpg
Open Space 2012 from MapsOnline
image Sudbury1910water2400.jpg
Sudbury 1910 water sources
(hi-res), Original Blueprint, (hi-res)
BioMap 2
As a PDF for Sudbury (cached)
image NoneSuch1687Map.jpg
1775 Roxbury to Concord, Roads and Distances
By spies Brown & D'Berniere sent by Gen. Gage
19 Mile Inn would have been at the intersection
of Water Row and River Road in Sudbury/Wayland
Library Of Congress, Detail, lo-res (2400X4908)
image Sudbury1940census.jpg
Sudbury1940census.jpg - 5265x6358
image townofsudbury2002.gif
Town Of Sudbury 2002
USGS 1894
USGS 1894 Topo @ 1800x1784
<> Same Map @ 2823x2798 <> from UNH Dimond Library

1930 Bay Circuit Trail with Nobscot and Wayside Inn.
SVT Nobscot Map, 2008
Trail Maps
Sudbury Conservation Land Maps

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