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Lion Head Trail 2022

Technical note on names: The trail is called Lion Head Trail and the geological feature is call Lion's Head.
image SummitAnnotated2022.jpg
Summit Shot 2022 hi-res
image LionsHeadClimb2022.png
Lion Head Trail GPX file
image AtLionsHead.jpg
Stop at Lion's Head
image CorneliusOnTrail.jpg
CorneliusOnTrail.jpg - 4032x3024
image HermitLake.jpg
HermitLake.jpg - 4032x3024
image YONtheHiker.jpg
YONtheHiker.jpg - 3024x4032
image SummitFromLoinsHead.jpg
SummitFromLoinsHead.jpg - 3024x4032
image TuckermansFromLionsHead.jpg
Tuckerman's Ravine & Lion's Head
image training.jpg
training.jpg - 1125x1524
image SummitAtSunset1.jpg
SummitAtSunset1.jpg - 4032x3024
image SummitAtSunset2.jpg
SummitAtSunset2.jpg - 3024x2451

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