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Mt. Washington via Boott Spur 2018

The further adventures of the Hardenbergh Boys. On June 16th, 2018, Gail dropped Cornelius & Jan off at Pinkham Noth Base Camp and we arrived on the Summit 5 hours later. Soon thereafter, Gail & Lauren arrived on the Cog. Almost all photos courtesy of Cornelius.

VIDEOS showing wind:, Cornlius's Relive Video

image MtWash2018.PNG
SUCCESS! ! !   (larger image)
image AllFourUpTop2018.jpg
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2017! Last Year, Lion's Head Pea Soup!
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image BoottSpur.jpg
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image BirdsEyeView.jpg
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image FianceesOnTrain.jpg
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Ravine Outlook including Harvard Rock
image IMG_4987.jpg

Looking back down from near the top of Boott Spur
image IMG_5003.jpg

Summit from Boott Spur image IMG_5011.jpg

Lake of the Clouds from near the summit
image IMG_5030.jpg

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