Skating the Rideau Canal in Ottawa in 2018

Cornelius & I flew up to Ottawa to skate the Rideau Canal. All photos are Cornelius's.

2018-02-09 Friday - Fly from Boston on  
 - Flight: PD 944 from BOS to YTZ Scheduled: Feb 9, 2018 at 2:35 PM to 4:30 PM; Location: Boston Logan International Airport
 - Flight: PD 243 from YTZ to YOW Scheduled: Feb 9, 2018 at 5:30 PM to 6:28 PM; Location: Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport
 - Skate the full canal for first time - left room at 9 and got back at 11+/- See first image for exactly time on ice (TOI)
2018-02-10 - get up and skate fast - kept up a good rate the whole time, but took a few breaks.
2018-02-11 - skate the whole canal. The back half had clean ice! Nice! Nat. Gallery & fly home thru freezing rain storm!
 -  Shout out to Porter Airlines for getting us home safe thru the storm.

Offical Rideau Canal Site

News articles in the Ottawa Citizen and Boston Globe

image StravaFeb9.png
StravaFeb9.png - 1242x1242
image StravaFeb10.png
StravaFeb10.png - 1242x1242
image StravaFeb11.png
StravaFeb11.png - 1242x1242
image AtTheBeginning.png
At The Beginning (.mov)
image StravaMap.jpg
StravaMap.jpg - 5333x3000
image FlashAtEnd.png
FlashAtEnd.png (.mov)
image StraightCanal.png
StraightCanal.png - 2092x1564
image CanalAtNight.png
CanalAtNight.png - 2070x1550
image CleanIce.png
Clean Ice (.mov)
image CorneliusSkating.png
Cornelius Skating VIDEO
image JCHstartInRuffSnow.png
image CMHupice.png
CMH skating up ice VIDEO
image FromFirstLock.jpg
FromFirstLock.jpg - 3024x4032
image DownTheLocks.jpg
DownTheLocks.jpg - 3024x4032
image PyeongChangSlide.png
PyeongChangSlide.png - 1804x1540
image Lisgar.png
Lisgar.png - 1160x1312
image At7_8.png
At7_8.png - 1200x1240
image OffThePlane.png
OffThePlane.png (.mov)

The Main Village of the Rideau Canal. image MainVillagePan.jpg

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