Pictures, Paris 25th Anniversary, YON

Not quite our 30th because I was on the Ministerial Search Team in 2013.

2014.05.08 - Mai 8 is National Day, VE-Day,
Arrive at CDG airport in the early morning. Taxi to Apartment to 22 Rue Rambuteau.
Have breakfast next door. Take Metro to Petite-Palais, but the station is closed.
Get on and off again at the next stop and walk down Champs Elysee, but, the museum is closed for Mai 8, national day. The Champs Elysee is closed off, too.
Taxi back, nap, dinner on Rue Rambuteau

2014.05.09 Friday.
Petite Dejeuner a Cafe Station Rambuteau tout les jours.
Musee D'Orsay with Museum Pass. Stand in "no waiting line" for an hour for couple from Texas.
Go straight the the Impressionists, crowded when we left. Off to lunch at the restaurant on 2nd floor.
Walk to Musee Rodin, inside and le Jardin. Coffe in the Cafe du Jardin
Walked to the La Crypte archéologique du Parvis de Notre Dame. Short visit. Festival of Bread.

2014.05.10 Staturday
Walk to Musée des arts et métiers, lunch at Cafe Arts et Métiers
Pompidou - saw Henry Valensy Symphonie Vitale

2014.05.11 Sunday
Early to Petitie Palais, Carl Larsson, Paris 1900, Tartine lunch on Champs Elysee, rained, under awning/umbrella.
Back to Grand Palais, wonderful glass roof & art deco everything.
Funicular to Monmatre.
Mother's day dinner at Soprano's

2014.05.12 Monday
Musee du Luxembourg, Josephine, Lunch Pamela Popo
Walked, Jardin Anne Frank, L'as du Falafel

2014.05.13 Tuesday
Metro to Marmatton, Impressionist Prive, Impression Sunrise
Painted drew in Bois de Bolounge until is started hailing.
Metro back to Cafe Arts et Métiers
Get baguette, ham, cheese, watermelon, and wine for dinner.
Take taxi to Tour Eiffel after dinner. See the sparkle lights at 10PM. Taxi back…

Wednesday, taxi to CDG.

Crypt Pompidou Arts et métier Rodin

See Also: Our 25th Anniversary Trip to Paris, 1999, honeymoon. Created June/July 2014 YON