VRML 2.0 Information

We released a VRML 2.0 request for proposals on January 4, with a due date of February 2. We received six proposals by the due date:

Note: the following process was followed and the polling is now closed - 19-MAR-96.


Over the next month, we (the VRML community*) will be deciding what VRML 2.0 will look like, based on these proposals. Part of your responsibility as a member of the VRML community is to be well-informed about the various VRML proposals, to participate in the debate, and to take part in the VRML 2.0 poll (vote early, and feel free to change your mind). The ideal outcome of this will be a general consensus on which proposal will be taken as the basis for a VRML 2.0 working draft.

The VAG proposes the following timeline for the VRML 2.0 process:

The VRML Community

* how do you draw a boundary around a self defining community?

While it is clear that the www-vrml mailing list is the meeting house of the VRML community, it is not clear that all members of the community live there all the time. When trying to measure a community consensus, we face the task measuring something with no boundaries.

We propose that anyone be able to take part in the polling. The alternatives are to only allow those members of the list as of a given date in the past, to pick a date and ask members of the community to register as citizens, or to ask that participants be members of the community and that they do their homework. Participants' eMail addresses will be public knowledge. We are counting on this working, but reserve the right declare the results invalid if the vast majority of participants are not members of the community.

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