VAG IV: Executive Summary

March 25, 1996

Strawberry Ranch, Half Moon Bay, CA

Moving Worlds has been selected by community consensus as the basis for VRML 2.0. Thanks to everyone who participated in the VRML 2.0 process and especially to the authors of the proposals. Final polling results and other summary information may be found at the VAG site,

Our proposed schedule for revision and release of the VRML 2.0 specification is as follows:

The release date is timed to coincide with SIGGRAPH 96. Please keep in mind that these dates are aggressive and may be changed if necessary. Further details will be posted to the VAG site later this week.

As our first step towards establishing VRML as an international standard, we are submitting the VRML 2.0 specification to the International Standards Organization (ISO).

The VAG is strongly in favor of a binary file format for VRML 2.0. Apple has proposed their 3DMF technology as a basis for the VRML binary file formal. They have agreed to work with the VAG and the VRML community in an open process in defining the technology behind the binary format. Requirements and the schedule will be forthcoming with the goal that both the binary and text file formats will be finalized by SIGGRAPH 1996.

- The VRML Architecture Group