VRML 2.0
Request for Proposals

January 4, 1996

The Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) is a language for describing virtual worlds networked via the global Internet and hyperlinked through World Wide Web.

The first revision of VRML, based upon Silicon Graphics' Open Inventor, served as a common scene-description language which has now been accepted as the standard for 3D communication on the Internet.

VRML must grow again, to enable a new generation of scaleable, interactive, high-performance applications. As part of this growth process, the VRML Architecture Group and the membership of the www-vrml mailing list are now issuing a call for proposals which will be considered as candidates for the next major revision of VRML.


The history of VRML is that of a community coming together to act in concert to solve a series of large problems. The specification process which brought us through to VRML 1.0 was composed of :

Starting in 1994 we were able to complete this process in a short amount of time. It is now time to pick up the pace and light a fire under the same process for VRML 2.0. The VAG and VRML community have been discussing various aspects and requirements of VRML 2.0. This means that we have already moved into the request for proposals phase. This document is a formalization that will serve as a guideline for individuals who wish to make a proposal.

We expect there to be several serious VRML 2.0 candidates; the VAG believes that it's far better for proposals to find a "middle way", rather than to engage in endless wars.


How to Submit a Proposal:

There are several requirements that must be included in any VRML 2.0 proposal:

Additionally any VRML proposal should contain the following information:

Please send the complete proposal, in electronic form, to the VRML Architecture Group, vrml20@vag.vrml.org as well as to www-vrml@wired.com. Printed proposals are discouraged, as it makes it difficult to publish the information for examination by www-vrml.

All proposals must be submitted to vrml20@vag.vrml.org by 5:00pm Pacific Time Zone on Friday February 2, 1996. Any proposal received after this date will not be considered.

This email address is to be used only for proposal submissions. Discussion or other inquires should be sent to www-vrml@wired.com. All submissions will receive a confirmation email saying that their proposal has been received. If you do not receive this confirmation with 4 calendar days assume that your email was not received and please resubmit.

VRML Architecture Group