Google Earth Model of First Parish of Sudbury

The Google Earth model located here:

The model does not do the historic building justice, however, it is still pretty cool to have a 3D model. Here are two photos of the real building to compare.
image fromCurb.jpg
As seen in Google Earth
image fromPark.jpg
From Park
image fromPark.jpg
From the Triangle

The model was created as a VRML V1.0. It was done as a work for hire by Forrester Cole, using a text editor when he was 15 years old. He is currently a PhD candidate in Computer Graphics at Princeton. It was converted to KML / Collada DAE in December 2006 using a hacked version of the QvLib VRML parsing code. For more on VRML see VRML, the context for

First Parish of Sudbury, Unitarian Universalist is my spritual home. Great for skeptical GEEKs who feel there is more to Reality than random chance but don't believe in dogma and want to meet other like minded people.

YON page created - December 2006