Financial Intro:

VRML is great at showing information on geographic basis. The globe is primary content #1 (the human body #2?)

You can have mosr abstract visualization (with updates via EAI)

You can create "smart models". The "Elevator to nowhere is a great example" elevator.wrl when is up.


VRML 1 year ago, Several candidates for VRML 2.0, SGI's Moving Worlds was selected in late March 96.

2 years ago, the VRML╩1 draft was out &╩1st products were
announced/previewed at I3D in Monterey.

3 years ago, VRML was coined by Dave Raggett and Pesce
and Parisi were developing Labyrinth

4 years ago (Jan 93) Xmosiac was just released and there were only 50 HTTP╩servers.

Neal Stephenson's Snowcrash certainly drove many early on.

VRML 1.0 was just a:

VRML 2.0 added many things, but these are key:

other concepts, scalability (localization), bindable nodes...

A conscious decision to NOT design multi-user was made. With PROTOs and Scripts, the platform for innovation is there.

Nodes - the base object = 54 of them.

Routes connect eventOut fields to eventIn messages.

Sensors generate events.

Scripts - embed functions