VRML stuff

Google Earth Model of First Parish of Sudbury was converted from VRML: fpsudbury.kmz. The original VRML 1.0 model: FPSudbury.wrl

It's been 10 years since I left the VRML world. I met a lot of cool people: The whole Paper Gang: Michael Plitkins, Mike, Greg, Jim, Cary as well as Tamara Munzner, Maureen Stone... geez, I need to come back to this...

I put up the old pages of the VRML Architecture Group, aka the VAG. Here is the group at the first meeting. From right to left: Rikk Carey, William Martens, Brian Blau, Gavin Bell, Jan Hardenbergh, Mitra, Jon Marbry, Tom Meyer, Mark Pesce and Anthony Parisi VRML Architcute Group

Useful: Kevin Laurent's JavaScript version of Steve Chenney's Orient. This turns an OpenGL View LookAt, gluLookAt() into a VRML Viewpoint with position and orientation.

Bob Crispen's VRML works
The Most Influential People in VRML from 1996.
Development of the VRML 97 International Standard

PEX stuff

PEXTimes.txt - this is the timeline from my book
PEX 5.0 Spec for posterity.

Integrating PHIGS and User Interface Systems - Jan Hardenbergh and James Michener 1991
Position Paper on PHIGS / Windows & User Interface Systems - James Michener, Jan Hardenbergh 1988
PHIGS User's Group Conference 1993 - Never put First Annual in an event title!