YON - Jan C. Hardenbergh



I have always had a keen interest in new technologies: 3D graphics, UI systems, window systems and the Web.

1997-Present, Mitsubishi Electric

First developer hired into MERL to create a product from the volume rendering hardware research project; Served as software architect, manager, director of software, and presently distinguished engineer. We developed and shipped the first real-time volume rendering chip. Major tasks included designing the API, designing, implementing and verifying test cases for the chip, hiring and managing a group of 12 software engineers, implementing product, testing product, managing betasites, packaging product, implementing tools and demos, and SIGGRAPH setup.

1996-1997 Paper & Netscape Communications

Member of Live3D development team: developed basic route mechanism; designed and implemented JavaScript "glue" layer; developed Direct3D driver, as well as various and sundry other pieces of the VRML 2.0 browser implementation. VRML Architecture Group Member.

1994-1996 Oki Advanced Products

Distinguished Engineer responsible for the fostering and adoption of new technology. VRML Architecture Group member. Evangelized VRML and the Web. Brought up Oki's first Web server (September 1994). Assisted Business Planning & trade shows.

1993-1994 Computervision

Member of the next generation design team. Also, fixed CADDS bugs and worked on special assignments: visualization seminar, workflow prototype, and screensaver.

1990-1993 Oki & Stardent

PEX Project Leader for the PEX 5.1 product. Heavily involved in all aspects of PEX as a standard and as a product. Represented Oki and Stardent in PEX-SPEC, PEX-IC and PEXlib efforts. Tested Stardent & Oki products at the PEX-IC center, resolving intercompany issues. PEX Architect for PEX 5.0. Designed, documented and propagated PEXIM, an immediate mode interface to PEX. Firefighting: Visual3 for product announcement, XServer, Tokyo Business Show.

1988-1990 Apollo & Hewlett-Packard

Designed common low level library for HP & Apollo graphics libraries. Made DN10K VS (FANG) draw 1M 3D lines per second using product libraries. Implemented new features and fixed bugs in Domain/PHIGS, especially PHIGS & X usability. Provided on site support for FANG betasite. PEX Architect for PEX 4.0

1985-1988 Cognition

Designed and wrote a PHIGS subset for the MCAE product. Ported X10 to a VAX/ LEX90 and to a PC with 1280x1024 frame buffer. Prototyped a 3D version of the Variational Geometry product.

1980-1985 Computervision

Ported Getdata (3D UI) to CADDS4X and made it stable. Designed and implemented the UIM, an early GUI interface. Fixed bugs in CADDS. Designed and implemented a Tektronix emulator and a stroke recognizer. Added features to VARPRO2. Ported PEP to CADDS4X. Worked on IGES and CORE. Ported 16 bit CADDS to Sun workstations. Represented CV at PHIGS meetings.

Education BA in Computer Science, Brandeis University, 1980


The VolumePro Real-time Ray-casting Engine, Hanspeter Pfister, Jan Hardenbergh, James Knittel, Hugh Lauer, Larry Seiler, SIGGRAPH99 Conference Proceedings, 1999.

Building Applications with PEXlib, Jan Hardenbergh, Prentice Hall, 1994 (560 page book on 3D graphics)

PEXIM: PHIGS Extended for X and Immediate Mode, Jan Hardenbergh, 5th X Conference Proceedings, 1991

Integrating PHIGS and User Interface Management Systems, Jan Hardenbergh and James Michener, Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 10, Number 1, April 1991


VRML: Using 3D to Surf the Web, tutorial for SIGGRAPH95. Organized; Presented with authors of VRML1.

PEX Programming Tutorial (solo): SIGGRAPH92, Eurographics92 (Cambridge, UK), 6th X Conference

Presented Volume Rendering at Vis99; VRML at the 5th Web Conference (Paris), PEX at 7th X Conference, NICOGRAPH (Tokyo), UNIX Expo, PHIGS Conference

Technologies: VRML, 3D, Windows/NT, UNIX, C, C++, Web, PEX, and X.