Rigging the Bay Breeze, a 9' Dyer Dhow

The whole kit & kaboodle:

1) Hull
2) Mast
3) Sail, Boom, and Mast Extender (Mast upper section)
4) Rudder
5) Daggerboard
6) Oars & Oarlocks

picture of rigging

To get sailing.

Put the boat in the water - once the mast & sail is up it is hard to move.
Also, putting the mast extender on while adrift might lead to disaster.

1) Put up the mast. It has a slot to get it straight.
2) the two hooks on the mast extender go onto the two rings on the mast.
3) the rope loop from the mast extender goes on hook on boom.
4) cleat the boom onto the mast.

Garrick, owner of the Bay Breeze, a 9-foot Dyer "Dhow"


Created 3-DEC-2004 by YON