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Intrinsic Functional Connectivity is Organized as Three Interdependent Gradients
Jiahe Zhang, Olamide Abiose, Yuta Katsumi, Alexandra Touroutoglou, Bradford C. Dickerson & Lisa Feldman Barrett
Scientific Reports volume 9, Article number: 15976 (2019) This is showing the relatively balanced distribution of processing throughout the brain regions and networks given the dimenions of 1) exteroception vs. interoception, 2) model vs. sensory processing and 3) centrality on the cortical sheet.

While this is quite abstract, what's cool is that the identification of 109 seed points used in the paper is important, IMHO.
See Table S1 in: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/337012579_Zhang_2019_SciRep_sompdf

3D model aligned to the 2D charts

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SEE ALSO: the 109 points in MNI space, color by Network, 'ception (gradient 1), model v. senses (gradient 2)

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