Draft Mission, agreed to by second MCM workshop, 11-NOV-2000

We are First Parish of Sudbury, Unitarian Universalist,
a welcoming and diverse community of spiritual seekers;
we learn together and support one another as
we celebrate life's important moments and
serve the larger community.

Draft Covenant Statement from guidance for 2nd workshop.

We, the people of First Parish of Sudbury, pledge
that we will come together with open minds and open hearts,
always seeking to learn, to share, to respect and forgive,
and to help each other grow towards our best selves.

One community first and foremost, compassionate, respectful, and generous,
we pledge to listen to each other, express our views openly,
handle disagreement with honesty, humility and humor,
and nurture our sense of belonging together.

We pledge to participate in the work of the congregation
to the best or our abilities, to practice and encourage leadership,
and to support our community materially, emotionally, and spiritually.

YON's First Parish Resume

Joined in Spring of 1987 (?) Lily Gordon invited us to Auction, (Gail ran the Auction the following year)
'89 Started Teaching R.E. With Maria von Brinken acting DRE
'90 Sunday Morning Pagan Discussion Group. (First Winter Solstice)
RE teaching every year with either Cornelius or Cadence
'94 co chair canvass with Ted Jones
Committee Duty 97..99?  Religious Education (RE) '94..'95 Ministerial Relations (MRC)
Sunday School Teacher 88/89? every year to present.
Canvasser, most years since '92? ('91?) to present
Co-Chair Canvass '94, 2K. Both times with Ted Jones

3-DEC-2K jch