This is the I grew up in. Wayzata/Plymouth Minnesota. Designed and built in 1946, by my dad, Collis Morgan Hardenbergh and my mom Nancy Chalmers Hardenbergh.  (I hope to do something with this, but for now, just for family)

And below you can see pictures of how the land looks now that it is a park. The house was bulldozed in June of 1998.

Cornelius also scanned a shot from the east, it has the whole house but it is very small.

dramatic photo

Gail's favorite "dramatic" photo.

Reminds me of a ships prow.

Call it hexhouse for a name.

Hardy There, a pun on Hardly Lakes, a pun on Hadley Lake

View from the top of the hill.

Sign says Park Maint. Vehicles Only - I learned to drive on that driveway, long driveway when I was ~13 years old.

The house was right at the top of the rise.

View from the opposite side, standing near the middle of the little pond.

Pictures taken by NNH, on February 14th, 1999, on my Mom's first visit to the site since the demise.
MLH went along, too.

What an ideal place to grow up. Boy was I lucky!

Looking South in 1946/7