The North Shore of O'ahu, February 2002

 The major part of the trip by Jan & Cornelius Hardenbergh .


Read about YON's waves . Very large image of above thumbnail. other bodysurfing

In the above picture I am the little dot in the middle. I am sliding straight down the wave - the last wave I caught in Hawai'i. Bodysurfing is the sport that most makes my heart sing.

Cornelius on hammock This picture reminds me of the  Pat Benetar song - "Isn't it a tough life!"

Ke Iki Beach Bugalow's had four hammocks out in front. We did not spend that much time on them, but did enjoy some lazy discussions on them.

Here is an excellent use of technology! pipelinecam

If you start to feel a little isolated, or, a little thristy, or, perhaps both, head to Haleiwa (holly eva) to the Free Surf Cafe

in the waves
The camera we had was waterproof. This is one of the best shot we got in the water.
no swimming
 Cornelius in front of no swimming signs. Why does he look wet?


View of off the wall from above. The main part of O'ahu is a plateau rising about 150 ft above sea level. This is taken from the edge of the plateau. Some nice houses are along there.

There is a very cool early Hawai'i'n religious site on the plateau above Waimea bay. Great views in many directions, especially if you walk down to the very edge of the plateau.
Pu'u o Mahuka Heiau

YON with statue
Here I am in front of a Hawai'i'n statue.

The Hawaiin religion looks pretty interesting. How can you argue when the ocean is the most powerful god?
unshaven - salty hair
me - unshaven - salty hair. Time to go home.

Home with our shirts
Back home with  our shirts.

Nice Gotcha shirts and T-Shirts from the Gotcha Pipeline Pro contest that was going on the last two days we were there.

The mapmap of Oahu by James A. Bier was a pretty good map published by the University of Hawai'i .

Was that enough? Was the fantasy fulfilled? Stay tuned.

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