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Kaha Nalu 'O Ehukai

Ke Kaha Nalu Hanana 'O Ehukai 2011 translates to The Bodysurfing Gathering at Ehukai, AKA, the NSLG = North Shore Life Guard's Pipeline Bodysurfing Extravaganza. Holding Period March 8-18 2010. The contest ran Sunday, 2011.03.13 in 3-5 foor Hawaiin WNW swell. Thank you to Rick Williams for making it possible and making sure everyone had a great day.

Mike Stewart took top honors. Photo: Greg Rice

To the right is the contest poster from Rick Williams. Also, a T-Shirt graphic. entry form. Semis

Click on Images for larger version. Unattributed photos are YON's. See More Contest Pictures.

Lots of "listas" in the contest -

Greg Rice got some fantastic pictures: NSLG 2011 gallery (over 2200 photos). He got some great pictures me! (YON 2011). He also took pictures Saturday before the context.


Context: Pipeline

Pipeline, aka the Banzai Pipeline is Thee Break!

Photo: Greg Rice
Good size wave seen from the shore

Photo: Neal Miyake
That's a thick curl. Stay out of the way!
image pipe04.jpg
Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic 2004
The Pipeline Bodysurfing Extravaganza is one of two bodysurfing competitions held at Pipeline. The other is the PBC, Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic. I try very hard not to understand the interrelationship between the two. Perhaps that is one of the reasons the NSLG event goes by so many names - Quiksilver Bodysurfing event, NSLG event, Pipeline Bodysurfing Extravaganza, and the official name on the permit: Ke Kaha Nalu Hanana 'O Ehukai. Luckliy, they are both Holding Period events. However, they both fell on weekends?
image setup.jpg
Rick made the decision at 6:30.
SURF-LINE updated at 7AM.
Tents going up at 7:30. My Notes
image abP1010241.jpg
Photo: Al Balderama
JetSki ii backgound, photographer in front
and Mark in the middle
image rules.jpg
Each heat has 6 swimmers. The first heat swims out at 8:15 and the horn for the first heat sounded when everyone was ready - a few minutes early. One horn both stopped the previous heat and started the next. If you were diving a wave, you might have missed it.
image abP1010176.jpg
Photo: Al Balderama HSBA Tent
Hawai'i State Bodysurfing Assoc.
image 110313_11.jpg
Photo: Neal Miyake
What it feels like to look up at a wave!
The splash in front is someone's fin
as they try to avoid many tons of water.
image drIMG_9921.jpg
Rick and Diane working the numbers.
Police backup to handle those wild bodysurfers.
Photo: David Ross


Mark, Curly & me.

Mark Cunningham
Photo: Erin Feinblatt and Another by Greg Rice

Someone in the curl. Photo: Neal Miyake

YON's Best Wave (MORE)
Photo: Greg Rice

Free lunch provided by Quiksilver - hamburgers & hot dogs. Between the 2nd round and the semi-finals was the rescue relay race. 20 or so contestants who did not make the semi-finals (except Fred David, who was in the relay and th semis) put names in a hat to see who would be "victims" and who they pair up with as rescuers. Good entertainment.


image drIMG_9841.jpg
Photo: David Ross, Tents to the South
image drP3130116.jpg
Photo: David Ross, Tents to the North
Greg Rice in the yellow
image drIMG_9854.jpg
Photo: David Ross, Tents as seen from Ehukai
Do Not Enter
Paul McLaughlin, Fred David, Jeff, Al Balderama, John Wagner, YON
Photo: Neal Miyake(?)
Al is President of HSBA Hawai'i State Bodysurfing Assoc.
Do Not Enter
David Ross, YON, Mark
Great talk with Mark & Barbara
about Keep the Country Country
Do Not Enter
North Shore Breaks


Mike Stewart had an incredible finals and came in first. Kai Santos was second; followed by Kawika Eckhart (lifeguard from Makapu'u), Chris Kalima, Mark Cunningham, David Hubbard. Mark peaked in a glorious semifinal heat. His grace and poetry of waves is mythic.

As promised, lots of prizes at the awards. Vouchers from Viper, Da Fin, Haleiwa Joe's.
awards to finalists
Award Ceremony - nice art in back!
David Hubbard, Chris Kalima, Kawika Eckhart
Kai Santos, Mark Cunningham, Mike Stewart, Rick Williams

final results (PDF)

heat sheet (PDF) & Working Heat Sheet

image abP1010323.jpg
Photo: Al Balderama - Aloha from Nick


After the contest a barbecue was hosted
by the Boomer Boys at Rocky Point.

That was the perfect end to a great day!

To the right, Rick arrives with some
avacados the size of footballs (almost!)
to make some awesome gwak.

image abP1010342.jpg
Photo: Al Balderama

Come Hell or High Water

image drIMG_9949.jpg image drP3130103.jpg Starting a few days before the contest and for a few days after the contest a film crew was shooting video of people in the water. During the contest they interviewed as many contestents as possible.

To the left (Photo: David Ross), they are setting up for the awards ceremony. Erin Feinblatt is working on the microphone. Keith Malloy is in the turquoise patterned shorts and camouflage hat. Checkout the portable lunch counter in back. To the right (Photo: Barbara Pedersen) behind David Ross, you can see them interviewing a contestent on the beach. Also, a Video of Keith Malloy being interviewed by David Ross.

From Erin's blog "I’m still in Hawaii working on a film with Keith Malloy. The film is going to be called Come Hell or High Water and is entirely focused on bodysurfing."

There is a Trailer, too! Check out the "chemical camera", as opposed to digital.

Ke Kaha Nalu Hanana 'O Ehukai News Coverage:
2005 event and 2007 event

Snap from _ Hawaiian Dictionary:
Hawaiian-English, English-Hawaiian
by Mary Kawena Pukui, Samuel H. Elbert
via Google Books.

International Bodysurfer

The Brand of Water People
Do Not Enter


Triggered by 8.9 Earthquake off Japan -
10M wall of water washed thru several areas in Japan. Morning will start to tell the tell of disaster.

I went up and slept at David and Barbara's vacation rental up near Pu'u O Mahuka Heiau, the ancient temple. THANK YOU!!! to them.

Tsunami Warnings from Pacific Tsunami Warning Center: Watch at 8:44PM HST and Warning at 9:31PM HST (Urgent Action)
Warning and Afterwards Some damage in Hawai'i, but no huge disaster that I've heard of.

Now we are watching the Trouble at the Fukashima Nukes

No swimming the morning after the tsunami.

Also, No Swimming Tuesday March 14th. High Surf Advisory. Only boards in Waimea Bay all day. At sunset there were two boards & one bodysurfer at Pipe.

More random details: The contest needs 2 permits, one from the City and County Park & Rec and one from the State.
Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation

Permit for Marine/Ocean Event No.:	 11-072	 
Date Approved: March 2, 2011 
Event Description: Bodysurfing Contest 
Event Location: Ehukai Beach Park Ocean Waters 
Dates of Event: March 8 - 18, 2011 (1 day event) 
Time of Event: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm	 

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