Being 60 years old seems a good time to reflect on some of the ART I've done. These are twelve works that represent my art. Much done in the 1970s and then again starting in 2004 with the panorama from the First Parish Steeple.

image TwelveWorks400.jpg TwelveWorks400.jpg - 485x400
image athToFrostedMemorialForest765x400.jpg PathToFrostedMemorialForest765x400.jpg - 765x400
image BrandeisGrad400.jpg BrandeisGrad400.jpg - 300x400
image FirstParish2008x400.jpg FirstParish2008x400.jpg - 664x400
FPSSteeple1600x400.jpg - 1600x400
image InfiniteCurtain400.jpg InfiniteCurtain400.jpg - 642x400
image JustAnotherSunset.jpg JustAnotherSunset.jpg - 500x400
image LongNight512x400.jpg LongNight512x400.jpg - 512x400
image MtWashington400.jpg MtWashington400.jpg - 570x400
image QuantuckBayClamshell400.jpg QuantuckBayClamshell400.jpg - 400x400
image Salzburg400.jpg Salzburg400.jpg - 580x400
image SandCastle400.jpg SandCastle400.jpg - 640x400
image Sudbury1856Walling300x400.jpg Sudbury1856Walling300x400.jpg - 300x400