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Ego-Tripper at large

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* I like to read, play Ultimate, play Nintendo and other such video games . They do not lead to youth violence.

* Disc links: Ultimate Player's Association , Boston Ultimate Disc Alliance .

I attend Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School . There I am a member of the UltimateTeaDestination ImagiNation , and North Star Collective.

I am a Unitarian Universalist , and am a member of First Parish of Sudbury. However, I do appreciate other religions.

This site says I'm 100% Neo-Pagan.

I read a number of Webcomics:

PvPDing! / Plane Couch
Chopping Block
Joe The Circle
An everquest comic. 
By Woody Hearn.
A comic strip about: 
writers at PVP Magazine / Everquest / Couch Potatoes 
By Scott Kurtz.
A strip involving god, the devil, and a pimp named slick. 
By Tatsuya Ishida.
A morbid, yet humorous strip about a serial killer named Butch. 
By Lee Adam Herold.
The best comic strip drawn in under 5 minutes. 
By Mike Shapiro. 
This is my Family Crest. To see other Hardenberghs, 
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