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Kelly's Tofu Gang

27-JAN-2004 met Gwenael LeFranc at 7:45 at Pipeline. Nice and big. Out 2 hours, got 4.5 waves. Foodland salads, each across the way. Catch a few waves at Waimea bay after lunch and then to the competitor's meeting at 2PM. Meet David Love and Kelly with Gwen. register. Pick up David, Kelly and Gwen and go back to Pipe. It is huge. Some 20 foot faces. It took me a long time to swim out. Third swim of the day. I'm too tired to catch the big ones. I float and watch for a long while. Finally I drift down a bit and catch a wave into shore. Resolve not to go out to Pipe for my 3rd swim again.

31-JAN-2004 swam twice - good in the morning, frustrating in the afternoon. David Love and Kelly Bolsover got engaged today. Tofu dinner with Champagne to celebrate, hence the Tofu Gang is born.

YON, Gwenael LeFranc, Kelly Bolsover, David Love
the morning of the contest by Wild Bill.
David & Kelly's Tofu Engagement party.

David's story, English transaltion of Gwen's story from his Bodysurfing en Bretagne, YON's story. Picture at the temple.
image pipewund.jpg
My wound from Pipeline.
image tofudlnd.jpg
Waimea Foodland: Shopping for the victory celebration!

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